Help Write the “State of the Town”

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During the month of June I’m leading an open public effort to document “The State of the Town” here in Greenburgh.

Whether you think our local government is doing well or poorly, you are absolutely invited to participate. It takes just a few minutes to contribute your ideas.

The end result will be concise summaries of all the top problems facing the town, what the town government can do about it, and how residents can get involved to make a difference. These final documents will be public, will be open to editing by any resident, and they will belong to all of us.

We are currently in the first phase which consists of gathering stories – your stories.

Please take 5 minutes to fill out this form.

In the second phase we will assemble the facts around each of the top problems. If there are multiple sides to a problem, we will let each side present their facts.

Finally residents will be able to propose courses of action to address each problem and they will be able to point out pros & cons of each other’s courses of action.

We will respect your privacy and will only publish your name if you want us to. In the first few hours of opening up this effort, here are example comments from three different households in Hartsdale:

  1. “Lack of transparency and information from our town on simple things such as parades to the disastrous school bond vote. Look around and you will see there are very few young families because of the terrible school district. Vacant commercial buildings all over the damn place. Literally millions spent on useless litigation. We need to improve our school rating or this place will become a ghost town because all you have left are seniors.”
  2. “Run down street corners at major intersections that are in need of revitalization. I’m a new resident of Hartsdale and live near the corner of Central and Hartsdale Ave, which has become a real eyesore. I’ve seen other areas of Elmsford that look the same way.”
  3. “They ‘put out the fire’ so to speak but there isn’t any follow up. For example , I live on East Hartsdale Avenue. A few years ago, someone was hit by a car crossing the avenue. Eventually they installed a cross walk with a button so when pushed, lights will flash to help the pedestrian cross the street. Good idea but most drivers ignore it and I NEVER see officers patrolling the avenue making sure drives stop for the blinking cross lights or follow the posted speed limit for that matter.”

Let’s get all the facts on the table and then take it from there. Please share this effort with your local Facebook groups and give us a +1 here on NextDoor so more people see the post and can participate.