Who is Greenburgh?

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Our Commitment: This campaign will be bold yet respectful.

Who is Greenburgh? Well, it’s all of us. Each of us sees a different part of our town and from a different perspective. Let’s take a moment to learn what each other sees.

In the comment section below, you are invited to post a photo which you took in Greenburgh and which you give us permission to use during our campaign. These photos will put the authentic, human side to Greenburgh on our website and campaign materials.

Please feel free to add a sentence describing what is in the photo.

Post a photo of something beautiful, or post a photo of a problem that the town should address. Either way, we look forward to seeing what you would like to share!

Note: You can sign the petition to put me on the ballot in November. Add your name at https://www.greenburgh.us and we’ll email you a copy of the petition which you can print and sign.