Taking Responsibility

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There’s one important correction I need to make, and I figure that I should do that here, since this is a public forum.

I’ve been an independent since 2010. When I was gathering petition signatures a handful of people asked me what my party affiliation was, and I responded that I had been an independent my whole life (because that’s what I believed to be true) rather than just since 2010. I also made this mistake on some internal campaign literature that I circulated among volunteers which I corrected immediately.

I have to give credit to a local leader of the Democratic Party that I met on the campaign trail for catching my mistake early. He had done some research and learned that I registered as a republican previously. That was news to me; I hadn’t remembered that I had done that 21 years ago; and party affiliation is just not part of my personal identity.

I called up the boards of elections in NY and Washington, DC today to double-check. I found that I had first registered as a Republican when I was 18, and I became an independent when I got turned off by partisan politics in 2010.

Being in politics is new to me, and I made a rookie mistake here. I’m a software developer by trade, and software developers put code out for review before we are sure that it’s 100% done. Politics is very different; I have to make sure everything I say is thoroughly researched. I’m learning this lesson the hard way during Week 1, but I’m learning it, and we have a 5-month sprint of learning ahead.

Accountability is a core value of my campaign; I hope this shows you how I take responsibility for the mistakes I make.