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This is going to be a respectful campaign, free of personal attacks. I write posts here to share what I’m learning, and to invite your input.

I was born and raised in Greenburgh and graduated from Edgemont High School here in Greenburgh.

One voter approached me this morning on the Hartsdale train platform and expressed a concern that I wouldn’t be neutral in Edgemont’s effort to become a village.

I have a lot more to learn about all the issues and the town supervisor’s role in all of those issues. After we get the required number of petition signatures, then we will conduct the largest and most open crowdsourcing of position papers on all town issues that anyone has seen in any Westchester town. I need to participate in and learn from a process like that in order to form a solid platform, and everyone will have an opportunity to participate and learn alongside me – out in the open.

If you’d like to see us get there, please add your name here and I’ll email you a copy of the petition that you can print and sign: https://www.greenburgh.us

Folks on both sides of the Edgemont-village discussion have informed me that my role is to ensure that the petition is valid. Everyone agrees I should do that.

My platform is on transparency, and that involves getting all the available data out on the table prior to the Town Council and/or the public making decisions. More data helps us make better decisions.

I will not now nor in the future wade into the Edgemont discussion to say whether they should or shouldn’t become their own village; that’s for them to decide with the right to vote given to them by NY State. My role will be to ensure that all available data is on the table so everyone can make an informed decision to maximize any upsides and minimize any downsides for all parties involved.

I hope you can read these words the way I intend them. I’m not your usual politician, and as of 8 days ago, I wasn’t a politician at all. I’m not here to impose my way on other people; I’m an open government advocate and I’m here to dramatically increase transparency at the town level. It’s the process that must change, and when it does, then the town will be able to face its challenges in partnership with its residents.