What has been working well so far with this Town Government?

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In yesterday’s post I announced that I am running for Greenburgh Town Supervisor in November’s general election.

Yesterday 179 people from 8 villages and neighborhoods signed up to help gather the 1,500 petition signatures that we need to make this happen. Please join the team here: https://www.greenburgh.us

The current town supervisor has been in office for 28 years and has usually run unopposed. Democracy works best when voters have a choice.

This is going to be a respectful campaign, free of personal attacks.

In today’s post we’ll just focus on the positive:
“What has been working well so far with this Town Government?”

For example, the current town supervisor makes a great effort to be accessible via email and NextDoor. Are there some success stories that you’d like to share with how that has worked out well, such as the Post Office fixing a problem?

The goal is to ensure that all candidates — incumbent or not — can listen and ensure that the things that are working will not change if the leadership does change.